How to Style Links in Data Studio

How to Style Links in Data Studio

Do you often include links in your Data Studio reports? Would you like to style your links to coordinate with your report theme?

When you insert a hyperlink into a text box in Data Studio, you may notice that the link doesn’t respect the font colour set in the text box. This is because links have their own global colour settings. Links in Data Studio will appear blue by default and purple after being visited. But you can set your own colours by customizing the report theme!

It is also possible to override the report-level link colours and directly style the link. By highlighting a link within a text box, you can change the colour as well as the size, font, and text style (bold, italic, underline) through the text box style panel.

Read on for step-by-step instructions for styling your links in Data Studio:

Customizing Link Styles in the Report Theme

  1. Click to the Theme and Layout panel. Click to “Customize” your theme:
  2. Scroll to the “Textbox styles” section:
  3. Click to edit the “Link Style” colours:

The Link Style settings in the report theme allow you to style the default link state and visited state of all links in your report. You can override these settings on individual links within a text box as follows:

Customizing the Style of Individual Links

  1. Insert a hyperlink into a text box or use an existing link. If you need help with this, read the Link to a page article in the Data Studio Help Centre.
  2. Highlight the text of the link:
  3. Use the style options in the Text Properties panel to change the colour, size, font, or other styles of the link text:
  4. Be as creative as you want!

We hope these tips make your life a bit easier and help you add some more colour to your reports. Are there other Data Studio tips you would like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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