How to Schedule Email Delivery of Reports in Data Studio

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How to Schedule Email Delivery of Reports in Data Studio

Would you like to get your Data Studio dashboard delivered to your inbox every morning? Or maybe you would like to automatically send reports to a colleague or manager on a regular basis?

Scheduled email delivery in Data Studio allows you to send regular, automated emails that include a PDF download of your report, a preview of the first page, and a link to the live report in Data Studio.

Automated emails can be a useful complement to your interactive reports and dashboards. As an analyst, you may wish to add comments in the email before forwarding the report to other recipients. The PDF can serve as a snapshot-in-time for a rolling dashboard. Your recipients can also follow the link to the online version to further explore the data on their own.

Let’s go through how to quickly setup an email delivery schedule in Data Studio:

1. Click to Share and Schedule

In either the View or Edit mode in your report, click the dropdown arrow in the Share button and select “Schedule email delivery”:

2. Configure schedule settings

  1. Your own Google account will be a a recipient by default. To add other recipients, enter their email addresses as a comma-separated list.
  2. Select the date and time to start the email delivery.
  3. Select the frequency of the report delivery in the Repeat field. You can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly options.

3. Save the schedule

Once you have finalized your preferences, select “Schedule”. 

4. Edit or delete schedule

To edit or stop the scheduled email delivery, open the “Schedule email delivery” dialog as in Step 1. Click “Edit schedule” to change the email delivery options or stop delivery entirely by clicking “Delete schedule” via the ellipsis menu:

There are a few things to note when sharing reports through scheduled email delivery:

  • You must have Edit or Owner access to the report to schedule email delivery.
  • A report can only have one email schedule.
  • If the email recipient does not have edit access to the report, they will only be able to view the report from the emailed report link.
  • The PDF attachment included in the email will contain the default date range and filters, the same as when downloading a PDF from Data Studio.

For other ways to share your reports, see our post on How to Share a Data Studio Report.

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