The Thanksgiving Measurement Plan

  • Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving Measurement Plan

We wanted to take a moment and wishThanksgiving Dinner
you all a Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks to all the amazing clients, friends and professionals we work with!

With Thanksgiving (and that divine, mouth-watering, coma-inducing feast) just days away, here are some tips for how you can ‘measure’ the success of your Thanksgiving meal.

The Thanksgiving Measurement Plan:

1. Take a Baseline (using last year as your base):

  • What size turkey did you slow roast and baste in the oven?
  • How many pies did you bake (and how many were were devoured)?
  • How many friends and family did you entertain (invited and surprises)?
  • How many guests came dressed in track-pants vs. ‘belted’ attire?
  • How many needed to loose their belt during or after your meal?
  • How many naps were taken post meal?
  • Quantify how many leftovers made it into your fridge or freezer?
  • Did anyone ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over your beautiful centerpiece or colour coordinated table setting?

If you can remember this from last year than great – you have your starting point.  If you are hosting for the first time, or cannot recall (too much turkey last year), make note of the above over the weekend so you are prepared for next Thanksgiving.

2. Identify KPIs for this meal:

  • % of guests who brought their own leftover containers
  • Pie per person ratio
  • % of guests who asked for your recipes
  • Track-pants to belt ratio
  • % of post dinner naps
  • Number of Guests coming early/staying late
  • % of repeat dinner guests
  • % of compliments on your decor
  • Number of self invites to next years feast (in that case you sure throw a really great party!)

3. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast

4. Rest

5. Measure

Happy Thanksgiving from ClickInsight!

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