Google’s Adwords Quality Score Bug: Check Your PPC Metrics

Google’s Adwords Quality Score Bug: Check Your PPC Metrics

If you have Adwords campaigns, check your Adwords acquisition and conversion metrics for a possible dip due to inactive keywords.

Earlier today, some of our Adwords campaigns went sideways. Quite a few keywords, including one that had a 25% clickthrough rate (CTR) over the past 4 weeks and a good landing page, all of a sudden went inactive because of poor quality — “Increase quality or raise bid to $11.00 to activate”. The odd thing was that other lower CTR keywords were still active. Google’s Inside Adwords blog posted about a Quality Score Update “coming next week”, but nothing about a quality score algorithm change this week.

Anyway, thanks to info from Lunametrics, this is in fact a glitch in the Adwords Quality Score. Robbin Steif forwarded Google Adwords Score Has Major Bug, which links to Quality Score Update – It’s Broken?. Read the comments on both posts, which quote responses from Google about the problem.

If you’ve had to raise your bids to $11.00 CAD, or $10.00 USD, to activate keywords and maintain conversion, hopefully this will be temporary.

Update – February 19: Problem fixed. All’s back to normal. Thank you Google for taking care of this quickly.

June Li


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