Google Subscribers Now Counted Individually

Google Subscribers Now Counted Individually

Does your web analytics data show visitors coming to your blog who are returning visitors but you appear to have few subscribers? Are you a Feedburner publisher? Until two days ago, even if you had hundreds of subscribers who used either Google’s Reader or personalized homepage to read your blog, all you’d see is a grand total of … one.

No more! On February 17, Feedburner began reporting “Google Feedfetcher” subscribers individually. See Feedburner’s Google Now Reporting Subscribers and Google Reader’s One subcriber, two subscribers, three… where Google writes:

Publishers have been asking us to report the number of users that are subscribed to their feeds in Google Reader. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, but with all the products that use feeds at Google, corralling the data in one place was like herding cats. So herd we did, and as of today, our crawler reports the number of Google users subscribed to the feed. The count includes subscribers from Google Reader and the Google Personalized Homepage, and in the future may include other Google products that support feeds…[read more].

For this blog, Google Feedfetcher subscribers now lead in share of feeds.

June Li


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