Google Optimize sunsets Sept 30, 2023

  • Google Optimize Sunsets September 2023

Google Optimize sunsets Sept 30, 2023

After over 5 years of being an easy way to get started with A/B testing and personalization, Google Optimize will no longer be available after September 30, 2023.  Read the official Google’s Optimize Sunset post here.

The free integration in GA4 will sunset at the same time. Google will be announcing A/B testing options for Google Analytics 4 at a later date. Google says they are sunsetting Optimize because…

Optimize, though a longstanding product, does not have many of the features and services that our customers request and need for experimentation testing. We therefore have decided to invest in solutions that will be more effective for our customers

The current Optimize integration with GA4 will continue to work until September 30, 2023.  And Google says that

Additional details about the planned path for A/B testing capabilities in Google Analytics 4 will be available within the coming weeks.

Universal Analytics 360 + Optimize 360 Bundled Customers

Unlike Universal Analytics 360, Optimize 360 does not have an extended sunset date.  Optimize 360 will also not be available after September 30, 2023.

  • Any 360 customer with a bundled Optimize and UA360 contract extending past September 30,2023 will need a contract amendment.
  • As per Google Analytics contract processes already in place, any UA 360 client who has a contract renewal before September will be renewed on a GA4 contract.
    • For those with active bundled UA+Optimize contracts, after that GA4 360 contract starts, all UA360 properties will be allowed to use Optimize 360 at no additional cost until September 30, 2023.
  • Optimize containers can only be linked to either UA360 properties or GA4 properties – you cannot link one Optimize container to both UA and GA4 at the same time.
    • You can have two separate Optimize containers, but it is not advisable to expose your users to duplicate experiments for the same interactions to try and replicate the results in UA and GA4.  Troubleshooting experiments and debugging will be impossible to unravel.
    • Keep Optimize containers linked to your UA360 properties if you want to run experiments on UA360 before transitioning to GA4.

Historical Data

If you have historical data you are interested in keeping, download your data form the Optimize user interface.

After September 30:

  • UA raw data – use the Google Analytics Data API
  • GA4 raw data – not available. Make sure to extract before September 30 via the Optimize user interface.

As we have more news from Google, we’ll update this post.

Update 2023-01-20 with Google’s comment: Additional details about the planned path for A/B testing capabilities in Google Analytics 4 will be available within the coming weeks.

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