Google Analytics Training Course at U of Toronto: Why It’s Now 2 Days

Google Analytics Training Course at U of Toronto: Why It’s Now 2 Days

The Google Analytics training course at University of Toronto has been expanded from one to two days. Why?

This course is all about answering business questions, and getting to know how to use the various Google Analytics tools for deep segmentation, so that we can extract insights that are truly meaningful and actionable, not merely interesting.

With the one day course, we were hard-pressed to allow enough in-class practice time for students to get a really good hands-on appreciation for the differences between in-report filtering, filtering in Profiles and Advanced Segments.

Now, we have new capabilities to practice and think about using:
* Advanced in-report filtering
* Secondary dimensions
* Pivot tables
* Intelligence alerts
* Custom variables
* Sharing advanced segments and custom reports
* 20 goals, including time on site and pages per visit

… and now, how to effectively use annotations (rolling out to all accounts right now!).

Also, the night in between might surface questions, which we’ll have an opportunity to answer in Day 2.

The next two-day course is January 27-28. More information on the course page on the University of Toronto website (Fee: $450)

Readers, if you have any other questions about this course, please don’t hesitate to ask.

June Li

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