Google Analytics Demo Account: Get Access Now

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Google Analytics Demo Account: Get Access Now

Google Analytics is best learned by doing, and one of the major barriers to learning has been access to a well implemented account and data to practice on.

Well, that barrier’s evaporated.  Today, Google product manager Deepak Alujla announced access to a Google Analytics Demo Account to anyone who has a Google signin.  The account and data you have access to is for Google’s online store, a real live site from which you can buy Google, YouTube and Android merchandise.

Google Merchandise StoreHow to Get Access to the Google Analytics Demo Account

  1. If you don’t have a Google Account, you’ll have to create one by signing up here.
    • You don’t need a Gmail Account.
    • Just type in an email address that you have access to, as you’ll need to verify your email.
  2. Sign into your Google Account.
  3. To get access, visit the Demo Account support page. 
    Look for and click on <– ACCESS DEMO ACCOUNT –>

You’ll know you’re successful when you land in the Master View of the Google Analytics account for the Google Merchandise Store.

Google Analytics Account Google Merchandise storeWe’ve been using the beta version of the demo account in our Google Analytics classroom courses for the past year.  We’re happy that this is now available to everyone!

We recommend that everyone take advantage of Google’s free Analytics Academy courses before they come to our courses, and now there’s an opportunity to get solid exposure to Google Analytics before they come.

Not a Basic Implementation

This is an advanced implementation that includes:

Calculated Metrics Configuration - Demo AccountLook and Learn

Google Analytics has lots of canned, standard reports but its real power comes from the ability to drill into data, focus on what’s relevant and uncover new insights about your visitors.  To do this, segments and custom reports are your power tools, and you do have full capability to use these and other reporting tools in the Demo account.

You can’t change the Demo account’s configuration but you can certainly look at how Google’s setup the account.

For example, wondering how Google’s configured their Purchase Completed Goal Funnel?

Purchase Completed Goal Funnel

Head over to the Goals section in the ADMIN tab, and click on the Purchase Completed goal…

Purchase Completed Goal - Admin… to look at how the funnel was created.

Purchase Completed Goal Setup

You could spend hours here!

What else would you like to see enabled in this Demo Account?


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