Google Analytics has a Change Log – Yes!

Google Analytics has a Change Log – Yes!

Google is rolling out account administration “Change History” in Google Analytics.  You may have seen this notice when you logged in today:Change History in Google Analytics

A long awaited feature addition that will be welcomed by GA admins everywhere!  Ever wondered when a Profile may have been deleted or if Goals have been adjusted?  The date and login ID responsible for making changes like these will now be recorded.  Here’s an example from the Google’s help centre article:

Change History Example

Administrative changes that will be tracked include additions, deletions and changes to:

  • GA account settings
  • Profiles and their filters and goals
  • Users and user settings
  • Data sources (e.g. Adwords linking)

Changes to advanced segments, custom reports, dashboards or shortcuts will not be included in the Change History record.  Any customizations to your Google Analytics tracking code will also not be recorded in GA Change History and will still have to be logged separately.

Since history will only go back 180 days, downloading history would be a great feature.  Automated, via API, is my wish.

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