Go Forth and Be a Data Maestro

Go Forth and Be a Data Maestro

To the responsive and participatory audience (Luc, Amy, Chris) in our Data Maestro THINK TANK session at SMX Toronto, our deepest thanks.

We will be posting a more complete story online. If you’re interested in being notified when the web page is available, please email maestro@clickinsight.ca.

In the meantime, as promised, here are your takeaways. If you have any comments, questions or clarification, please post a comment and we’ll answer.

  1. Know your client/customer’s business.
  • Surprise and delight your customer regularly with anecdotes, scenarios or stories from your mutual industry or something completely out of the park.
  • What does success look like your customer and how are they measured. What’s success, on THEIR terms?
  • What level of explanation do they want – the two minute version, or more details, and stick to this plan.
  • Establish a graphic reporting style using some kind of icon.
  • Use strong language. Remember you are competing with display ADVERTISING concepts and types.
  • Phrase everything as an option rather than a question.
  • Use expressive, fast reading messages to accompany your reports and draw (digitally draw) on your reports. Make notations to personalize the relevance of your message.
  • When writing emails that herald the arrival of your reports, write in your speaking voice. Read your email back out loud. Does it sound like you?

Some of you may be seeking guidance on key performance indicators or best practices report and dashboard presentation. Our guidance on reporting is – Know your customer and your message and deliver ‘Just Enough’.

Some resources are listed here for KPIs, and for a deep exploration of what we consider ‘Just Enough’ best practice reporting, with many reporting renovations, visit PerceptualEdge.com’s library of articles, whitepapers and books.

Nora Camps, Duo.ca
June Li, ClickInsight

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