GA Remarketing Lists – Regex Bug Part Deux

GA Remarketing Lists – Regex Bug Part Deux

If you’re creating Google Analytics Remarketing lists using regular expressions and are finding that cookies are not accumulating (again), don’t panic. The bug that was originally identified back in December 2012 still persists and appears to have expanded, making the workaround we shared no longer valid.

We have reported this new bug to Google and describe a new workaround below.

The Scenario:

  • You want to set a remarketing cookie when people reach a hypothetical page:
  • You select the Remarketing Type “Visitors who visited a specific page/section of my site (e.g. index.html, shirts, /cart/)”
  • In the text field you input the following regular expression: /5678\.aspx (which worked previously)

The Problem:

  • When you click “Get Estimate”, a value of “0″ is returned.
  • Zero cookies will accumulate, although GA says there is traffic
  • Why? The Remarketing Type “Visitors who visited a specific page/section of my site…” uses the contains match type only (regex’s are no longer supported)

The New Workaround Solution

  • Change your Remarketing Type to “Create my own remarketing type using Segments”
  • Under Advanced, click on “Conditions” to further segment your users and/or their visits according to single or multi-visit conditions.
  • Select “Page” and “matches regex” and input the regular expression: /5678\.aspx

Learn the new workaround for creating GA Remarketing Lists with regular expressions.

  • Check “Get Estimate” – A value other than “0″ should be returned if you have traffic.
  • Remember to save your list
  • Cookies should begin to accumulate for this list.

Best of luck kicking off your new GA Remarketing lists or jump-starting existing lists!

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