Follow-up: Demystifying Web Analytics Roundtable

Follow-up: Demystifying Web Analytics Roundtable

What are experienced practitioners’ greatest challenges in demystifying the practice of web analytics for their organizations?

  • Getting everyone aligned on definitions (what’s a page view)?
  • Focusing on Key Performance Indicators rather than absolute numbers and (dare I write this) “hits”.
  • Aligning on the process of web analytics, rather than focusing on the data
  • Multichannel marketing integration, and being able to change direction during a campaign, because of what the data tells you.

These were my key takeaways from yesterday’s Canadian Marketing Association roundtable, Demystifying Web Analytics. It was a pleasure to moderate our panel of experts:

Alan encouraged the group to use industry standard terminology, and know what the terminology means and educate others to use the same terminology. It was also critical to understand accuracy, the absolute numbers are not absolutely correct, but you can still get usable and useful insight if you use trends and ratios rather than focusing on the absolute.

Rosie shared with us’s progress on climbing the Gartner Web Analytics Maturity Model. She acknowledged that the present state of web analytics at needs improvement. Analysis is currently fairly informal and reactionary; goals could be more clearly defined; and more strategic analysis is desired. Rosie then explained how Rogers, within a year, plans to achieve a more integrated process-driven state, in which goals are more clearly defined and reporting is customized and business-relevant.

Lisa took us through the 7 steps that Microsoft Canada uses to manage integrated campaigns. The case study described a highly successful multichannel online/offline Microsoft Office 2007 campaign, which spanned a 2 year period. As Lisa said, although one would love to have one analytics tool (image: swiss army knife), that’s impossible. Remarkably, Microsoft Canada uses 11 different tools. Although cumbersome, this did not deter the team. By focusing on improvements in performance rather than the numbers themselves, the team was remarkably successful, achieving the 2nd highest performancecompared to other country campaigns globally in this Office 2007 campaign.

[ As an aside, regarding terminology, the Web Analytics Association released the draft of the 5th version of Web Analytics Definitions for comment. Read the blog post, and please do feedback, if anything is unclear.]

We thank the speakers for such rich presentations and the audience for the questions that followed after. To any of you who did not get your questions answered and wrote them on the back of your evaluation forms, the questions will be answered. We will also post on the CMA blog the resources that mentioned in the Q&A session [or browse this longer web analytics resource list].

All roundtable attendees will be sent an email by the CMA identifying a location where the presentations can be downloaded. We hope you will be able to use these to help Demystify Web Analytics for your organization.

June Li

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