Embedding URLs in Data Studio

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Embedding URLs in Data Studio

Have you ever wished you could embed a web page, YouTube video or Google Doc directly into your Data Studio report? Data Studio’s URL embed feature allows you to embed any website link to your dashboard, creating endless possibilities!

How to Embed a URL in Data Studio

Embedding a URL in a Data Studio report is simple. In the navigation bar, select the embed icon () to access the feature. The Data tab will appear on the right hand side, prompting you to paste the URL you wish to embed. Voila!

For additional settings, the Style has settings that allow you to modify the background and border of the embedded widget. Note that some embedded URLs will prompt users to Proceed before interacting with the embedded content.

When Should I Use URL Embed?

The URL embed feature opens the door of what can be added to a dashboard or report:

  • YouTube Videos
    • Embedding YouTube videos on your dashboard can provide additional context to your data when shown alongside video metrics from Google Analytics, or from the YouTube connector
    • You could also create a dashboard or report that showcases a number of YouTube videos in one place—a YouTube Video Gallery, of sorts!
      YouTube Video Gallery
  • Feedback Forms
    • Enable a feedback form within your dashboard by using Google Forms and Google Sheets to find out how satisfied users are with your dashboards.
      Live Feedback Form
  • External Web Pages
    • Embedding external web pages, such as a Hotjar heat-map report, can provide a better understanding of the user’s journey and the data alongside it.
  • Embed Other Data Studio Reports
    • Rather than creating a Data Studio Report Hub using thumbnails, you can alternatively use the URL embed feature to embed other reports! Simply File > Embed Report, and copy the link of the report. On your Report Hub, add the copied link to the URL embed widget.

How are you using the embed feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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