Embedding Links in Data Studio

Embedding Links in Data Studio

Do you often use the “deep linking” feature in Google Analytics to open pages directly from your Site Content reports? Wouldn’t it be nice to do this in Data Studio as well? Even better, wouldn’t you like to turn any URL into a clickable link, whether it be a video URL, file location, or external site?

In this post, we’ll show you how to use the HYPERLINK function in Data Studio to create and display clickable links in your dashboards and reports.

The HYPERLINK function consists of two separate parts: a URL and a Link Label. The URL is the destination of the link, and the Link Label is the link text that will display in your report.

How to embed links in Data Studio:

  1. In your data source, create a new calculated field.
  2. Enter the hyperlink function as follows: HYPERLINK(URL, Link Label)
    • For example, using data from the dashboards created for the 12 Days of Data Studio campaign (to configure tracking on Data Studio dashboards, see our post: Tracking Your Data Studio Dashboards in Google Analytics), we created a hyperlink field using the following formula:
      HYPERLINK(CONCAT('https://datastudio.google.com', Page), Page Title)
    • This function can be used as a template when recreating the dimension with your own data. The CONCAT function can be used with the HYPERLINK function to build a complete URL out of a constant string and the Page. The Page Title is used as the Link Label, which is what Data Studio will display in the chart.
  3. Create a table in your report, and select your newly-created hyperlink dimension. Also select any other relevant dimensions and metrics to accompany your hyperlink dimension.
    • For example, in our embedding links example, we selected Pageviews.

Below is a dashboard illustrating the hyperlink function. The hyperlinks allow the viewer to click directly to the website to determine which page they’re looking at.

You can also display images within Data Studio tables, and enable hyperlinking within the image by adding an Image field as a second parameter of the HYPERLINK function. For example: HYPERLINK(URL, Image)

Using a custom-built Community Connector, we were able to capture data from the New York Times and create the dashboard below with links embedded within the article image thumbnails.

If you have any questions, let us know! See our in-class Data Studio Course for your opportunity to propel your Data Studio skills further.

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