Duplicate Content & Syndication – Will Syndication Attract a Duplicate Content Penalty from Google?

Duplicate Content & Syndication – Will Syndication Attract a Duplicate Content Penalty from Google?

Duplicate ArticlesA blogger contacts you because they would like to reprint one of the articles currently on your website in its entirety, exactly as is, on their website.  Should you agree?  Or should you decline because you will attract a duplicate content penalty from Google?

Concerned about the fact that content farms and those who have tried to use them to boost search engine rankings had their rankings hit hard, we’re asked this question fairly often.

It is not a problem if the content is being re-published on a reputable site, and if it is being reproduced for helpful purposes rather than to manipulate search engine rankings.  Google clarifies duplicate content handling and also discusses syndication here.

Having said that, you should assess the blogger’s request on its own merit.

  • Review the blog.  Does it have high quality content?
  • Look at how they’ve handled other content they’ve re-published.
  • Does it look like they are sharing information to expand and contribute to knowledge, or are they doing it solely to boost rankings and get more traffic?

Many content aggregators are reputable.  Huffington Post regularly republishes content, and in fact, they republished (i.e. syndicated) this article addresses Four Myths About Content Syndication – The third myth is that Syndication is Bad for SEO.

Note that, as suggested by Google, Huff Post has linked back to the original article from their post.

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  1. Heather Robertson August 29, 2013 at 10:24 am - Reply

    Thanks for this. It’s interesting to note that in all of the conferences I’ve attended and posts that I’ve read regarding ‘content curation’, the idea of duplicate content never surfaced. Looking back, I suppose if you are adding your own perspective when curating, it’s technically not duplicate content. But I agree with your perspective – it’s about intent.

    Having said that, any thoughts on posting the same content on web directories and classified sites? Or is this categorically different? And again it’s about intent?


    • June Li August 29, 2013 at 10:29 am - Reply

      Hi Heather,
      Great question about directories and classified.

      If you were doing it naturally, there would be some variation. So no need to hold back from listing – however, have some variation in the listings. The important thing is that the directory not be considered a spammy site. If you can find directory in the search engine listings, you’ll at least know it’s not been black-listed by search engines.


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