Digital Audience Measurement: Results of New Methodology Revealed (eMetrics Toronto)

Digital Audience Measurement: Results of New Methodology Revealed (eMetrics Toronto)

Emetrics Toronto live blog #1 – consider these my notes. Any errors and omissions are my own due to my note-taking and should not reflect on the speaker. Corrections posted after will be noted and dated.
Following a day and a half of workshops, the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit is opening with a presentation by Pat Pelligrini (bio on eMetrics website) of comScore into the results of comScore’s new methodology behind online audience measurement.
In the third quarter of 2008, an enhanced panel-centric hybrid methodology was launched by comScore as a beta test in Canada.
Evolution of online measurement
    • Reviewed the historical use of panels in research, audience measurement and panel measurement.
  • Panels provide ‘event histories’, (data that follows a given sample of individuals over time)providing longitudinal, continuous and repeated observations. They provide an increased level of estimate precision ad stability vs larger, cross-sectional surveys; repeated correlated observations provide better trending, averages, show real change


Moved from old school traditional measurement ( 500-25,000 respondents, measuring high incidence behaviour, one-dimensional [audience exposure]


Digital measurement (higher volume, where long-tale, multi-dimensional behaviour measured (audience exposure, interaction, consumer behaviour)

Panel (consumer)-centric Hybrid Measurement and Beacon Test

    • Started in November 2008
  • Panel Measurement + Beacons + Tags


  • The consumer is at the centre of the measurement system
    Use panels with what panels measure best, use beacons where they are best, etc.
    Beacons provide IP address, timestamp, browser, cookie values, etc.
    Tags used with video


  • Develop techniques for incorporating beaconed site data into comScore Media Metrix data.


  • By Jan 2009, 25+ companies over 300 domains involved. Hundreds of million beacon calls collected.
    Non-Canadian traffic, approx 10%, is removed.


  • Validation of beacon usage: Check for beacon representativeness, collection validation, process validation. Bots are filtered out


Measure the ‘last two feet’ between display interface and person


Raw census beacon

less international traffic

less IAB bots list

not in CFD

not essential domains removed


Beacon data is

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