Where to Find Data to Define Your Responsive Design or Mobile Website Project

Where to Find Data to Define Your Responsive Design or Mobile Website Project

Responsive DesignSo you’re going to invest in migrating your website to a responsive design.  And you’ve got lots of questions:

  • What exactly should your specs be for your responsive design?
  • How many style sheets?  Tablets?  Phones?
  • Do we need to consider those in-between phablets?

Your own website data is a great place to look for current usage, as well as projecting trends for your mobile visitors.

How fast is the share of mobile and tablet traffic increasing?

Device Trends

Use the Device Overview report in Google Analytics, located in the Audience section, to answer this question and create the trend above.

How to "Plot Rows"

(Hint:  Just type “Device” into the report finder to get to this report quickly)

Trend this report over the past 18 months.

To generate the comparison trend for the 3 devices, click to select the tick boxes and then click [Plot Rows].

To remove the trend lines, un-tick each box or click the “-” at the top of the column.

What screen resolutions are most popular?  What’s trending upwards?

First, narrow down the Screen Resolutions version of the report to a device category, then select the top resolutions and [Plot Rows].

To select Screen Resolutions, follow the numbers in the following image:

Mobile Scr

  1. Find the Devices report.
  2. In the Primary Dimension menu bar, click on “Other” and select “Screen Resolutions”.
  3. Click on Secondary Dimension, and select “Device Category”.
  4. Add an advanced filter, including Device Category of “Mobile”
  5. You’ll now see the screen resolutions for phones.
    Select the screen resolutions you want to trend by clicking the tick boxes, and then click [Plot Rows].

Repeat the analysis above for tablets and computers.

Additional questions you might have:

  • Only concerned about the trend for a few countries?  Create a segment that limits the data to only the countries you are interested in.
  • If you are interested in Android versus iOS trends, create segments based on these to focus your analysis.
  • Do certain screen resolutions convert better than others, even within a category?  Is there a brand/design impact on conversion?  Are there design issues that should be investigated further?  You got it — create more segments and analyze.
  • Need external data?  Check out Google’s Our Mobile Planet, comScore’s Digital Futures in Focus Series (Canada) and data by ICT.
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