Creating a Data Studio Report Hub

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Creating a Data Studio Report Hub

If you are using Google Data Studio within your team or organization, you have likely accumulated many reports and dashboards. As reports are created and shared, it can become difficult for your stakeholders to find what they’re looking for amid the numerous shared links they may receive.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a central repository—a Data Studio “report hub”—where anyone in your organization can easily find all the most updated and relevant reports?

Although a report hub is not a native feature of Data Studio, you can use a table, hyperlinks, and report thumbnails to create your own repository. Embedded below is a sample report hub that displays reports created by the ClickInsight team, each with a thumbnail, link, and description. Continue reading below for instructions on how to create your own!

Creating a Data Studio Report Hub

  1. Create a Google Sheet that includes a title, description, and URL for each Data Studio report you wish to appear in the repository.
    • The first row in the spreadsheet should include the row headers, i.e. Title, Description, Full URL. This will allow for a smooth import into Data Studio.Google Sheet containing a title, description, and URL for each report
  2. Create a Data Studio data source by connecting to your Google sheet:
    Data source with Title, Description, and Full URL fields
  3. Create a “Link to Report” field using the formula: HYPERLINK(Full URL,Title).
    • When used in a table, this field will allow each report title to be a clickable link to the respective report.
  4. Create a “Thumbnail URL” field using: IMAGE(CONCAT(Full URL,"/thumbnail"),Title)
    • The CONCAT portion of this formula constructs the thumbnail URL for each report. Appending “/thumbnail” will retrieve the default report thumbnail (320×420 pixels). For more sizing options, see the full documentation on Generating thumbnails for Data Studio Reports.
    • Note that thumbnails are generated when a report is edited then viewed. To update a thumbnail for a given report, you need to toggle between edit and view modes on that report.
  5. (Optional) Create a “Thumbnail Link” field using: HYPERLINK(Full URL,Thumbnail).
    • This will allow your report thumbnails to be clickable as well.
  6. Create a new Data Studio report and add your data source.
  7. Add a table to your report, selecting Thumbnail, Link to Report, and Description as dimensions. No metrics are necessary.
    Dimensions for table in Data Studio

Once your report hub is created, you can share it with others in your team or organization. As new reports are created, you can add them into your Google Sheet and the report hub will immediately be updated for all users. No need to send out shared URLs for every report!

If you would like to know how many people are viewing your report hub, you can even track your report hub usage in Google Analytics.

Looking to learn more about Google Data Studio? Check out our hands-on Data Studio 1-Day Course.

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