Create the Cross-Tab Reports You Want within Google Analytics

Create the Cross-Tab Reports You Want within Google Analytics

“Dimensions” are descriptive attributes in Google Analytics.

For example:

  • Locations have attributes like country, city, region, continent
  • Traffic sources have attributes such as source, medium, campaign
  • Devices have attributes such as computer, tablet, mobile

Create your own custom reportsNew dimensions are continuously being added to Google Analytics. For instance, the “Device Category” dimension is relatively new.  We hope that eventually all of these new dimensions will be made available as Secondary Dimensions. Secondary Dimensions are very useful for in-report segmenting and filtering.

If the dimension you need for your analysis isn’t available as a Secondary Dimension (yet), you might think of downloading to Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Wait!  There’s a better way – Create a custom report!

With mobile usage growing, agile mobile analysis is a must.  The mobile reports, with the “Device Category” dimension, are still relatively new and evolving.  So unfortunately, not all dimensions (e.g. campaigns) are available as Secondary Dimensions in the mobile device info or mobile brands standard reports.  Here’s an example…

GA Campaign Standard Report

GA Mobile Standard Report

You could get the column setup by downloading to Excel and re-arranging the columns, but when you’re in the flow of analysis, this is an inconvenience.  Do it too many times and analysis will feel tedious and tiresome.

Instead, create a custom report by clicking on the [ Customize ] button and create your own Flat Table Custom Report.

Here’s what you could create …

Flat Table Custom Report

… and here’s the Custom Report configuration used to create it…

Flat Table Custom Report Configuration

The above is just one example of how customization can help you get the report you want, without downloading and manipulating the data offline.


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