Connecting to Data.World with Google Data Studio

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Connecting to Data.World with Google Data Studio

Looking to use data from in Google Data Studio? With the connector, you can retrieve the data and start building reports in just a few steps! Check out the instructions below:

Connecting to in Data Studio

  1. Open the project for the dataset.
  2. Click the “Download” icon and select “Connect to third-party apps”:Connecting Data.World to Data Studio
  3. Click the”Google Data Studio” tool integration:Choosing Data Studio to Connect Data To
  4. Click to “Copy” the dataset URL. Then click “Launch Google Data Studio”:
  5. Paste the dataset URL into the “Dataset or Project URL” field:
  6. Enter a SQL query to select your data.
    • To select the entire dataset, use a query as follows, replacing “name_of_table” with the dataset table name on
      SELECT *
      FROM name_of_table
    • To find the table name, click on the sample SQL query on the project page:
    • Copy the sample SQL query:
    • As an example, for the Makeover Monday 2018 Week 1 dataset, you would use the following:
  7. Click the Connect button at the top right.
  8. Rename your data source, then click Create Report.
  9. Confirm adding your data source by clicking “Add to Report”.
  10. Create your viz!
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