ClickInsight’s Data Viz Gallery

ClickInsight’s Data Viz Gallery

If you’ve ever come across an interesting set of data, but don’t quite know how to start visualizing it, you’re not alone! Inspiration can come from anywhere—an aha moment, a previous viz you created, or a Google Image search.

One of our favourite sources of getting started is to draw upon what others have already created. Whether it be scrolling through #DataViz on Twitter, searching past Makeover Monday creations, or browsing a report gallery, there are many resources available to you for inspiration.

We invite you to check out ClickInsight’s own Report Gallery, showcasing Makeover Monday creations from our team, demoing community connectors, and providing resources to get started Data Studio. We hope this gallery will provide you a source of inspiration for your future data visualizations.

Need more inspiration? Don’t forget to check out the latest creations from the Data Studio community in the Report Gallery!

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