ClickInsight Named to “Top 50 Most Promising Google Technology Providers”

ClickInsight Named to “Top 50 Most Promising Google Technology Providers”

 Top 50 Most Promising Google Technology ProvidersA leading national publication has named ClickInsight to the Top 50 Most Promising Google Technology Providers, a short list of companies at the forefront of tackling challenges in terms of solutions and services that leverage Google Technology.  We’re honoured and very pleased to be recognized for serving our clients well.

CIO Review appointed a distinguished panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts as well as CIO Review’s editorial board. By no means a trivial endeavour, the panel analyzed company’s offerings, core competency, client testimonials and other recognitions.  A Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Analytics Premium Reseller, ClickInsight is specifically recognized for our capability to provide best-in-class digital analytics integration for businesses of all sizes.

At ClickInsight, we go beyond the technology to unleash the power of Google Analytics, leveraging Google Analytics and other technologies to extract the utmost value from data.  Google Analytics is by no means the only Google technology we use.  We leverage the capability to integrate data from Google Analytics with Google AdWords, BigQuery and DoubleClick as well as non-Google technologies such as Tableau, a powerful visualization tool.

Founder and Managing Director June Li spoke with CIO Review about ClickInsight works to Unleash the Power of Google Analytics and what makes ClickInsight unique.  She said, “Our strategy is to correctly implement analytics tools to extract meaningful insights so that our clients can confidently take actions to accelerate their growth.”  Focused on our clients’ business priorities and building their capability, we live our tag line – Count What Matters. Change What Counts.  We do not shy away from the very real need to consider people, process and organization as well technology.  This is why we not only deliver analysis and implementation support but provide a spectrum of training and coaching services to strengthen our clients’ internal capability to build competitive advantage from smart and innovative use of data.

For this year and beyond, we plan to focus on continuing to innovate how we integrate technology and streamline our customers’ paths to insights and value through our varied and robust analytics service offerings.

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