Calculating Goal Funnel Conversion Rate in Data Studio

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Calculating Goal Funnel Conversion Rate in Data Studio

When you configure a goal in Google Analytics, several metrics are generated automatically including Goal Completions, Goal Abandonment Rate, and Goal Conversion Rate. However, for goals that have a funnel, have you ever needed to calculate the Funnel Conversion Rate? i.e. what is the conversion rate for people who start the funnel?

The standard Goal Conversion Rate metric in Google Analytics is simply the ratio of Goal Completions / Sessions. So, if you have a goal funnel targeted at a specific segment of visitors, like new customers or prospects, the completion rate will likely get skewed by the rest of your traffic. You could apply an advanced segment to deal with this, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could make use of the existing funnel configuration?

A Goal Funnel Conversion Rate can be defined as the conversion rate for sessions in which the user started the funnel. Though this is not a built-in Google Analytics metric, we can calculate it in Google Data Studio using available GA goal metrics.

Calculating Goal Funnel Conversion Rate:

  1. In Data Studio, connect to your Google Analytics data source.
  2. Edit the data source.
  3. Create a new calculated field.
  4. Enter the formula: Goal Completions / Goal Starts
    • Note that you will need to select the Completions and Starts metrics for your respective goal, e.g. For Goal ID 1, choose Goal 1 Completions / Goal 1 Starts.

Here’s an example report using data from Google Merchandise Store. We have calculated the funnel conversion rate for the Purchase Completed (Goal 1) funnel and displayed it alongside the standard Goal Conversion Rate for comparison:

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  1. Tristan August 2, 2018 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    I love the tip on calculating funnel conversion rates. However i have a funnel with a “required” flag. (users need to proceed through the entire funnel) So I can’t do a simple ( Goal Completions / Goal Starts) – as I have a lot of traffic to my goal completion URL. Still trying to figure out how to calculate my true funnel conversion metric.

    • Marc Soares August 7, 2018 at 3:59 pm - Reply

      Hi Tristan,

      That’s a more complicated funnel scenario. You could apply a segment that includes only users who completed the required step. Then the conversion rate will be specific only to those users who started from the beginning of the funnel.


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