Big Data: Go Beyond the Hype

Big Data: Go Beyond the Hype

The hype over Big Data has peaked.  Negative press is on the rise, signalling that reality is setting in that technology alone is not a silver bullet.  And according to Gartner, the expected fall from the peak is happening faster than expected.

Although there are indeed victims of the hype (typically those who headed straight for tools without simultaneously building people and process capabilities), early adopter success stories and successful frameworks do exist.  

Next week, at the Canadian Marketing Association’s National Convention, there are 5 sessions about successful deployments of Big Data and Predictive Analytics.  > View the full agenda for June 4, 2013 for more details.

  • Unleashing The Power Of Big Data To Drive Profits From A Multi-Channel Acquisition Strategy (Cornerstone)
  • Big Is Better! Turning Big Data Into Better Results Throughout The Customer Lifecycle (BMO Financial Group & IBM)
  • Turning Art Into Science (Yesmail Interactive & Artfact)
  • On The Emerging Use Of Recommendation Engines To Drive Conversions, Loyalty And Retention (Authintic Analytics Technologies)
  • Leverage Big Data Using A Simple Segmentation Framework (Zegmenta)

It’s not too late to sign up.  And we have two discount codes to share with you that will reduce your registration by $50:

  • CMA Members, please use CMANCME50
  • If you are not a CMA Member, use CMANCNM50

The peak and slide of Big Data is to be expected.  It happens with all emerging technologies and is well captured by Gartner’s Hype Cycle.

There are 5 phases to the Hype Cycle:


In mid-2012, Big Data technologies were clustered around the Peak of Inflated Expectations, and since January, as observed by this Gartner analyst, are sliding into the trough of disillusionment.  Note that Predictive Analytics and Web Analytics are entering the Plateau of Productivity.

Gartner Hype Cycle for Big Data 2012

Interesting times ahead.  Join us next week at the CMA National Convention for an early start up the Slope of Enlightenment.


Update:  Excellent article about misperceptions, misunderstanding as well sane, sensible big data applications If you’re disappointed with Big Data, you’re not paying attention, by Derrick Harris  (update added 30-May-2013)

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  1. Heather Robertson August 30, 2013 at 9:12 am - Reply

    Will you have time to give a quick report at the conclusion of the CMA conference? Can we follow you on Twitter?


    • June Li August 30, 2013 at 3:42 pm - Reply

      Hi Heather: Tweets were posted under #cmanc – I checked and you can still see them. I confess I didn’t post much during the day as I was moderating some sessions and did not blog either due to too many conferences/events (4) in 3 weeks.

      You might be interested in these two videos from the convention:

      Happy Labour Day weekend!

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