Better is Better than Best

Better is Better than Best

Striving for the best may not be the best, right now, for you or your organization. Why? Because it takes a lot of work, and time, to be the best.

Being the best in analytics can lead to overly ambitious projects, slow implementations or none at all. Since the benefit of analytics comes from the insights uncovered and action taken on insights, time is of the essence because opportunities not uncovered and not acted upon are lost forever. Lost prospects, lost conversions and lost revenues cannot be recovered once the time of opportunity is past.

Show Me the Money, Now!Best fit is always best.

Best fit means you’re making progress.

Best fit will get you the benefits of doing analytics, faster.

Why might best practice not be best for you, right now?

  • Budget constraints
  • Staff or capability constraints
  • Technical limitations

If your attitude is that only the best will do, implementation will not proceed.  Nothing happens.

If nothing happens, then best practice isn’t best because opportunities will be lost while implementation stalls.  Once an opportunity has passed, the time has passed.

Pursue progress, not perfection.

So think of ‘doing it right’ as meaning doing it ‘just right’, not perfectly.

Let’s look at some example situations.

Best practice:  Gain full stakeholder agreement and alignment towards an analytics culture.
Reality: You don’t have agreement & alignment.  However, you have real goals and a real list of objectives to fulfill.
What could you do?  Proceed with a pilot project, identify your opportunities, prove your point, build the larger case.  You may have to modify your implementation as you went it alone.  But hopefully insights were gained, action was taken and value was gained from having analytics on a functional implementation.

Best practice:  Identify a subject matter expert and build current, internal expertise.
Reality:  No skills available upon which to build
What could you do?  Hire a consultant to help build your process, train your staff and transfer knowledge (shameless plug for consultants – use us!  Use analytics implementation as training.   Squeeze every bit of knowledge from us as we implement, into your organization.)

Best practice:  Completely tag the site, sub-domains and micro-sites, downloads, exit links, videos, rich media, client side apps.
Reality: Technical roadblocks appear – downloads can’t be distinguished from regular pages; tagging videos & client side apps after they’ve been built and deployed is costly.
What could you do?  Proceed incrementally.  (1) Add the base tagging and any other automated tracking that’s feasible.  (2) Put project items on the list for the next website refresh.  (3) Use this as a teaching moment to get analytics invited to the project scoping and design meetings for future projects, particularly rich media, client side apps, games, mobile…

Food for thought?  We hope so.

Implement in smaller steps.  Uncover opportunities faster.  Take action faster.  Get the benefits faster.  Show me the money faster!

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