Audit Your Google Analytics Implementation with Data Studio

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Audit Your Google Analytics Implementation with Data Studio

Do you question the reliability of your Google Analytics data? Do you find it difficult to analyze your campaigns, pages, or events? Would you like a quick audit of your Google Analytics setup?

Given the ease with which you can display GA data in Data Studio, we thought it would be useful to have a pre-built template to help you audit your own analytics implementation. When we conduct audits for different clients, we often uncover the same issues time and time again. Some of these issues are also easy to identify through standard GA reports.

So, we’ve put a collection of these reports onto a Data Studio “Starter Audit” dashboard. By connecting the report to your own GA data, you can do a quick check for some common implementation issues like self-referrals, query string clutter, and inconsistent campaign tagging.

See below for the link to the dashboard and instructions on how to use it.

Google Analytics Starter Audit Dashboard

  1. Open the GA Starter Audit dashboard in Data Studio.
  2. Use the data control in the top left to select your GA view. If you have multiple views, you should start with the one you use most often for reporting and analysis.
  3. Review the guidance along with the data that shows in each tile.

This of course is by no means a comprehensive audit. In fact, it only covers a few technical configuration items. But if you do notice issues here, you may wish to investigate further to see what else may need fixing.

Let us know if you find this dashboard helpful!

If you interested in a comprehensive audit of your analytics implementation and ensuring that it aligns with the objectives and strategy of your organization, please get in touch.

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