Scaling the Analytics Value Pyramid

Scaling the Analytics Value Pyramid

Getting Analytics Value is a JourneyGetting value from analytics is a journey.  Certainly not simple or easy but highly rewarding when you reach the finish line.

Starting:  Your journey starts with data, collected by a myriad of tools and aggregated into reports.

To outsiders, it may seem that the reports are the end of the journey.  Not so, the journey to value is just beginning!

Driving Forward:  Opportunities don’t spring fully formed from data.  Analysts drive the journey forward, diving into the data, segmenting and comparing, slicing and dicing to uncover nuggets of opportunity.

Finishing:  Once identified, action must be taken.  Without action, there will be no value.

Time to connect the wishbone to the backbone!  The analyst must galvanize the business to take action, make changes and pass the finish line.  All too often, the challenge the analyst faces isn’t a technical challenge but one of change management and persuasion.

Have you reached the finish line?  Congratulations!  You’ve scaled the Analytics Value Pyramid™.

ClickInsight Analytics Value Pyramid

Help with the Journey  Scaling the Analytics Value Pyramid can be made easier if you have help, especially if you find others travelling the same journey.  Kindred spirits with a knack for data, a penchant for analysis and a drive to create real value.

Where might you find such kindred spirits?  Meet them online on Twitter (hashtags #msure and #measure) and at the eMetrics Summit.  Battle-scarred but eternally optimistic, I’ve always found everyone’s willing to share their stories and successes.  No wonder the eMetrics Lobby Bar is where the action’s at late into each evening.

Check out the Agenda for eMetrics Toronto. Especially relevant will be the Analytics in Real Life session in the eMetrics Strategy Track.  By networking at eMetrics, you’ll meet lots of people who either have the same challenges you’re facing or have faced them and made it to the finish line.

Need help justifying attending the eMetrics Summit?

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Scaling the Analytics Value Pyramid is highly rewarding, both personally and professionally.   We’d love to hear about your journey.  Do share what’s worked and what’s not.

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