Resurrecting the AdWords Keyword Position & Ad Slot Report: 4-Dimension Custom Report

Resurrecting the AdWords Keyword Position & Ad Slot Report: 4-Dimension Custom Report

A question arose today on the Google Partner Community about the AdWords Keyword Position report, which is no longer available as a Google Analytics Standard Report.  A community member responded that you can use Keyword plus Ad Slot position in a secondary dimension.

4DBut why stop with 2 dimensions?  Using Custom Reports, you can create a report with up to 5 dimensions, so how about these 4 dimensions:

  • Keyword (i.e. bid keyword)
  • Search Query (i.e. Typed or “Matched Search Query”)
  • Ad Slot – Top, Side or not set
  • Ad Slot Position – 1 to 8

And the report will look like this:

AdWords Ad Slot Custom Report

You can download a copy of the template for this report from the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery to you use in your own Google Analytics Account.

Once you’ve downloaded the report, click on the “Edit” link (see image above) to add your own additional metrics or filters.

Read more about Custom Reports in the GA Help Centre.

This report uses the “Flat Table” format.  As you can see below, you can add up to 5 dimensions to this report.

Flat Table Custom Report

Once you’ve downloaded this version, try adding a 5th dimension (perhaps “Ad Content”?) and experiment with other combinations.

We’d love to hear what you come up with.

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  1. Michael Shearer 2016-04-10 at 15:06 - Reply

    Hi – this report worked but I made one modification and GA reminded me that ad slot position was deprecated. The report still works but do you know the future of this metric?

    Thanks for the awesome report.


    • June Li 2016-04-11 at 00:25 - Reply

      Hi Michael,
      Great to hear you like this report. We don’t know how much longer “Ad Slot Position” will be available in Google Analytics.

      The “Ad Slot Position” dimension is indeed deprecated, but as you point out, it is still working and sending data at this time.

      When it is finally removed, we’ll re-post to the gallery, removing column 4, the “Ad Slot Position” dimension.

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