5 Reasons For Continuous Training

5 Reasons For Continuous Training

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from my high school calculus teacher who, upon seeing how discouraged and frustrated I was getting 5 Reasons Why You Should be Learning About Google Analyticswith a certain chapter, calmly said:

“If you’re not struggling, you’re not learning.”

I may not have fully understood the meaning then—I likely rolled my teenage eyes.

But as an adult, it’s my inner mantra.

So what does this have to do with analytics?

Analytics platforms and tools are changing quickly.  Google Analytics for instance has changed and is changing so frequently that it has become unrecognizable to those that do not log in regularly (and even those that do).  User interface, reporting capabilities, access levels, Views, organization and terminology have all changed.

You may find yourself spending more time trying to orient yourself than actually using your analytics tool.

More importantly, you may be finding that you’re spending more and more time trying to digest the magnitude of changes and what they all mean to your business and bottom line.

This “struggling” can be frustrating.

A good reason to log off and task this for another day, right?

We encourage you to do otherwise!

So here are 5 Reasons For Continuous Analytics Training:

1.  You want to get better at “doing” analytics (your job).

  • It’s like learning how to ride a bike—as you master each step, there are new challenges:
    • The first challenge when learning to ride a bike is balancing.
    • Next, you need to realize that if you are trying to avoid running into something (like a post), don’t look at it or else you WILL run into it.
    • Then, when you go on the road, you have to deal with potholes and cars and drivers who might open their doors for you to slam into.
  • If you’re new to analytics, you may find yourself working through the first 2 challenges above.
  • If you’re more “seasoned,” then you’re already on the road experiencing those “potholes.”

2. The better you get, the faster you can extract the insights that matter.

  •  This means you will have more time… What would you do with more time?

3.  Continuous training and learning keep things interesting.

  • Analytics tools and platforms will continue to evolve with new features and reporting capabilities.
  • Measuring ROI has never been so exciting.

4. Taking an analytics course can make learning more fun and enjoyable.

  • Taking a course puts you in contact with not only an expert instructor but also a roomful of peers who share a common interest to learn and whom you can learn from.
  • On Oct 8th, Google launched their first ever Google Analytics Academy course, which was both fun and free to take!
    • The “Digital Analytics Fundamentals” course materials presented by Justin Cutroni and the course learning community were excellent.
    • Those that passed the Final Assessment received a certificate of completion:

Google Analytics Academy - Digital Analytics Fundamentals Course Certificate

5.   If analytics is your responsibility, don’t run shy away from it—embrace it.  

  • All analysts can recall at least one time when they logged in and were lost.
  • Even if you regularly log in, the volume of changes can be daunting.
  • Sometimes the biggest challenge is not knowing what you can do.
  • Don’t get left behind—there are many resources within reach.
  • For example, Google has many easy-to-access resources:

Google Analytics contextual help within the user interface.

  • Don’t forget about Conferences (like eMetrics) and eNewsletters (like ClickInsight’s Common Sense Analytics)

So, I encourage you to do a little “struggling” today and see what new insights you can uncover with some continuous training!

I bet you will surprise yourself with what you learn.

Let me know how it goes!

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