3 Ways to Grow Your Business with Google Analytics 360

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3 Ways to Grow Your Business with Google Analytics 360

Access to Google Analytics 360’s additional capabilities offer a huge competitive advantage. These can result in time- and headache-savings for your analysts, and efficiencies that translate into smarter, faster decisions that can help to quickly scale your business.

What do you stand to gain from the investment? How will it enable your analysts to work smarter — not harder — to provide better business intelligence?

In this post, we look at how Google Analytics 360 (fka Google Analytics Premium) can help provide the information you need to grow your business, and zero in, on how GA360 can help answer three tough digital marketing questions:

  1. What is my customer journey, and how can I optimize it to increase customer value?
  2. Who is most or least receptive to my offering? How can I get more of my best customers?
  3. How can I allocate my budget to drive the most value for my business?

Let’s demystify these questions!

  1. What is my customer journey, and how can I optimize it to increase customer value?
    Industry professionals continue to point to the need for a universal source of truth in their data. The digital world changes every day, making it harder for companies to close the customer journey loop. Google continuously puts resources into closing those gaps with Google Analytics 360, including:

    • Roll-up Reporting
      Are stakeholders asking you to compare how different regions, divisions, products or websites are performing? If this data is siloed under different web properties, this is where roll-up reporting can come to the rescue! Rather than double-tagging your websites, roll-up reporting will instantly combine data from multiple GA properties under a new property, allowing you to easily compare performance. Additionally, if users often move between sites, roll-up reports will de-duplicate these users, offering a unified view of cross-session customer behaviour.
    • Unsampled Reports
      If you have to analyze long-term trends, or have a long customer sales cycle, chances are you have run in to sampling in Google Analytics Standard. The data manipulation needed to properly extract the data, and stitch it back together is both time and resource consuming. With 100 million sessions of data instead of 500,000, GA360’s higher sampling thresholds enable you to complete your analysis using the functions, tables and graphs you know and love.
    • Custom Funnels
      In any customer journey there are milestones or tasks you expect the customer to complete. By understanding where customers drop off, you can identify bottlenecks in your conversion flow, and work towards removing them. Unlike funnels in GA Standard, Custom Funnels can be user-level, and can also be applied to historical data. Additionally, you can quickly create audiences based on a funnel stage, using them for remarketing campaigns in AdWords or DoubleClick.
    • BigQuery and Salesforce Integrations
      As a large organization, chances are your Google Analytics data does not tell the full story on its own. You likely have other data that can add value and insights when combined with GA data. Whether it be combining GA and offline data in BigQuery to answer questions, or integrating with Salesforce to better understand the customer journey, these integrations allow a more holistic view of the user journey.
  2. Who is the most or least receptive to my offering? How can I get more of my best customers?
    Marketers are forever wondering, who is my target market? As product offerings change and companies pivot, customer audiences also need to adapt. That makes defining these audiences a constant challenge. The more information you have about these customers, however, the easier it is to find more of them:

    • Custom Dimensions and Metrics
      Analysis is a lot more actionable when you can analyze specific components that drive value for your business. For this reason, GA360 has widened customization capabilities. Instead of 20, you have 200 custom dimensions, and 200 custom metrics in the user interface, and unlimited customer attributes in BigQuery. These additional data points will enable you to analyze performance and conversions on a more granular level. For example, you may consider capturing in-stock vs. out-of-stock items and remarketing to customers that viewed out-of-stock items when you know more stock is available.
    • DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) Integration
      Better understanding your customers is great, but taking action is what makes you an all-star! Using customer groups made with custom metrics and dimensions, you will be able to find more of your best customers. By comparing how these customers over-index or under-index in certain audience affinity groups, you can target lookalike audiences. Since the integration between GA and DDM is seamless, the ad performance is fed back to GA360, enabling you to continuously optimize ads and increase revenue. Moreover, you can suppress ads that do not perform to either decrease cost-per-acquisition, or to redirect money to where it is driving real business value.
  3. How can I allocate my budget to drive the most value for my business?
    What would happen if you stopped investing in a channel you suspect is not contributing to the bottom line? Is it too risky to try outright? Consider an alternative option. Get better attribution data to either confirm or squash your hunch once and for all.

    • Data-Driven Attribution (DDA)
      Customer journeys are complex! Sometimes, it may require multiple touch-points to encourage a decision. Data Driven Attribution solves this marketing measurement problem by giving credit where it is deserved along upper and lower funnel activities. Google Analytics 360’s DDA algorithm is designed to analyze the performance of your marketing efforts, and attribute value 4-steps prior to the conversion. This ensures that the last interaction is no longer the only one receiving credit.

Each of these additional capabilities help to answer those tough digital marketing questions. By answering the tough questions we can drive real value for our businesses, resulting in revenue growth, massive time savings and a better experience for website customers. Smarter targeting and more accurate analysis helps companies spend money where it matters most, leading to greater business growth. Aside from feature-specific results, an investment like GA360 also sends a message to your analysts that you are a data-driven entity, helping them to improve their skill-set.

Interested in talking more about how GA360 can help your business specifically? Reach out to us! We will be happy to answer your questions, and see if Google Analytics 360 is right for you.

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