3 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Digital Marketer

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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Digital Marketer

Now that the holiday lights and festive decorations have been replaced with 2019 calendars, and new gym memberships have been purchased, New Year’s resolutions are buzzing in the air. Aside from personal goals, have you set organizational New Year’s resolutions for your marketing efforts?

If you haven’t yet made any resolutions, or need a few more to add to your list, here are 3 resolutions every marketer can make to lead to a more successful 2019:

1. Make Smarter Financial Decisions

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to make better use of your money. Whether it be by sticking to a strict personal budget, or by curbing the fast food habit, there are several ways to stretch your hard-earned dollars further. The same goes for planning marketing budgets in the new year—making smarter marketing decisions can lead to both increased revenues and decreased spend!

For your online marketing efforts, a great place to start is by measuring and optimizing your digital campaigns. Chances are, you are running search and display ads, email campaigns, social promotions, and more. But which channels have the highest return on investment? Using a web analytics tool such as Google Analytics will allow you to see what someone does once they visit your website. Whether it be clicking to read certain pages, filling out a form, or making a purchase, there is a lot you can learn about your customers through analysis. Better yet, you will be able to link those interactions to the campaigns that drove traffic to your website. This analysis can inform decisions on campaign success, allowing you to cut out the dead-weight where necessary, and ensure you are making the most of your budget.

2. Clean Up Your (Analytics) Diet

After celebrating with several holiday dinners, an abundance of cookies, festive drinks galore, and more, there is nothing like a new calendar year to encourage people to start eating healthy. We all know how important a well balanced diet is for your overall health. Not unlike your body, analytics data acts the same way: garbage in equals garbage out! If you don’t maintain and take care of the data you are feeding into your analytics platform, insights will be misinformed, leading to poor decisions. To start the new year off right, take the time to audit your analytics data and ensure everything is being captured as intended.

3. Learn Something New

Whether it be for personal interest or to make a jump in your career, continuous learning is a critical, particularly in a rapidly evolving industry! If you haven’t already, take a peek at Google’s online, self-paced analytics courses to build up your analytics foundation. Once you have the fundamentals down, the Digital Analytics Association offers its members a series of recipes to help improve your analysis in the Digital Analytics Cookbook.

Looking for something more? ClickInsight recently released a guide for 12 Steps to Better Analytics! Learn the strategies that we’ve used successfully with our clients for over a decade across many organizations—public and private, small and large. We’ll also be running a free 4-part Analytics Masterclass designed to help you make a greater impact with digital analytics—be sure to sign up for details!

We hope these resolutions help you get on track to becoming an analytics all-star in 2019. Happy New Year from the ClickInsight team!

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