12 Analytics Reno Blunders to Avoid

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12 Analytics Reno Blunders to Avoid

Recently, Bryan Baeumler of Bryan Inc., House of Bryan, and Leave it to Bryan revealed the 12 Biggest Reno Blunders Homeowners Always Make. The parallels seen between home renovations and analytics implementations are uncanny. Needless to say, we cannot agree more with Bryan’s list of blunders!

Bryan frequently runs into the same issues — homeowners with unrealistic budgets or timelines, those who want to cut corners, or those who assume that everything should be a DIY project. Unfortunately, these issues are all too common for us too.

When tackling your next analytics implementation, start your renovation out right, by avoiding these 12 common mistakes:

  1. Thinking You Can Do It Yourself
    Just because you can do it yourself doesn’t always mean that it’s the best idea. Depending on the scale of your next project, consider hiring an analytics expert. Though you may not need an electrician to change a light bulb, you would likely hire one to rewire your entire house. Similarly, implementing a basic event tag may be manageable internally — an entire analytics overhaul, however, may be better handled by an expert to ensure a proper analytics foundation is laid.
  2. Having Too High Expectations
    While it is important to have high expectations, having too high expectations can lead to disappointment. Be sure not to bite off more than you can chew, whether that be with respect to timeline or budget. We assure you that your project can’t be completed this week, and it certainly can’t be done on a $100 budget!
  3. Not Planning
    Diving into an analytics project without a plan can lead to a data disaster! Before starting your next analytics implementation, take a step back and create a Measurement Plan. This framework will help you understand how analytics measurement fits into the larger scope of your business.
  4. Renovating the Wrong Space
    Chances are, there are many improvements you wish to make to your analytics. While there are always new tools to be implemented, ensure you are building on a solid foundation — you wouldn’t buy new furniture without first fixing a leaky roof! Similarly, you wouldn’t want to create and share dozens of Data Studio reports without first fixing any PII leakage problems.
  5. Cutting Corners
    Cutting corners to save time or budget will, more often than not, come back to haunt you. While there are often many ways to solve a particular analytics problem, the easiest solution isn’t always the best in the long run. Ensure that you do your homework and choose the most appropriate solution.
  6. Choosing the Cheapest Labour
    When selecting an analytics partner to work with, it is important to do your homework, and understand the work that is being agreed upon. Cheaper work may be indicative of lesser quality or hidden costs. We recommend choosing your partner from the list of Google Marketing Platform Partners. This group of companies have been vetted by Google, and are required to meet certain qualifications. (Full disclosure: ClickInsight is a Google Marketing Platform Partner)
  7. Buying the Cheapest Materials
    Similar to the previous point, choosing the cheapest analytics tools don’t always save you money! Though there are many free tools available, investing in enterprise tools such as Google Analytics 360 or Optimize 360 may prove more cost-efficient towards long term goals, allowing your implementations to outlast free alternatives.
  8. Choosing the First Contractor you Meet
    As we have spoke about before, do your research! When looking for a partner for your next analytics renovation, don’t hesitate to call around to learn more about current services, clients, and processes. Ultimately, you may end up hiring the first partner you spoke with, but you will be able to do so with confidence in your decision.
  9. Under Budgeting
    Under budgeting on your next analytics renovation project may leave you with less than you had hoped for. If you are unsure of what your budget should be, start by contacting partners and stating your desired outcomes rather than your budget. Once you receive a few quotes, add some contingency budget to account for the unexpected. In renovations, there is always something unexpected.
  10. Not Getting Permits
    Getting permits from key stakeholders involved in your analytics project cannot be understated. In order to ensure a smooth renovation, it is important to understand internal processes and requirements to be able to add or remove code to web pages, publish changes to production, or capitalize on additional tools.
  11. Not Following Building Code
    Building Code is akin to best practices in the digital analytics world — whether it be installing HTML code in the proper place on a page, or carefully following vendor documentation, ignoring recommendations can lead to lapses in data quality. Ensure the contractor you are working with is knowledgeable of industry recommended practices.
  12. Unrealistic Schedules
    Creating a realistic timeline for your analytics renovation will ensure expectations are properly managed, and the quality of work is not sacrificed. When thinking about your timeline, be sure to consider any project delays you may encounter — code freezes, access permissions to certain platforms, or budget and resource constraints can all significantly delay a project.

Have you made any of these mistakes in your past analytics implementation renovations? Patience and diligent research are key to ensure you are amply prepared to tackle your next analytics overhaul. Want help? Start your research out right and contact us.

What other mistakes have you fallen victim to? Let us know in the comments below!

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