Analytics Audit

Analytics Audit2019-04-18T12:24:50-04:00

The Best Practices Analytics Audit™ is a comprehensive audit of JavaScript-based web analytics tagging that assesses tagging completeness needed to achieve goals, integration completeness with other tools, privacy issues as well as the Key Performance indicator (KPI) and reporting fit versus goals.

  • To ensure the audit recommendations are relevant, timely and achievable, the Audit begins with a Discovery session to help us understand your business goals, analytics history, mandatory tactical deliverables, technical constraints, budget constraints and internal standards.
  • Recommendations are prioritized and grouped by function (content owner, technology, agency, etc) and presented.
  • Depending on organizational constraints, the Audit recommendations may be implemented by in-house resources, outsourced to ClickInsight, or a combination of both.
  • Implementing the Audit recommendations is an invaluable opportunity for training and knowledge transfer.

The Best Practices Analytics Audit is customized to your situation.  It can be site-wide or a microsite, include many domains or subdomains or just one.  What is important is that the Audit recommendations be implemented, because Audit recommendations not implemented renders zero value to you.

If you are suspicious of your data, contact us to discuss what scope of Audit may be right for you.