Visualizing the Summer Olympics with Tableau

From split times to stroke rates, personal bests to world records, individual rankings to medal counts, the Olympics are a treasure trove of data just waiting to be analyzed and visualized.

Spanning over 100 years, more than 200 countries, and over 300 events, the Summer Olympics provide endless opportunities to segment, filter, and view the data from different perspectives.

So let’s dive in! (pun intended)

Here’s a simple interactive visualization of the top 20 medal-winning countries since the modern Olympics began in 1896. Click on the name of a particular country and the chart at the bottom will show a timeline of that country’s performance over the years.

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Google Analytics Demo Account: Get Access Now

Google Analytics is best learned by doing, and one of the major barriers to learning has been access to a well implemented account and data to practice on.

Well, that barrier’s evaporated.  Today, Google product manager Deepak Alujla announced access to a Google Analytics Demo Account to anyone who has a Google signin.  The account and data you have access to is for Google’s online store, a real live site from which you can buy Google, YouTube and Android merchandise.

Google Merchandise StoreHow to Get Access to the Google Analytics Demo Account
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Ghost Spam & Bot Traffic – Be a Ghost Buster

Be on the Look Out for Ghost Spam

Many people don’t look beyond the Overview reports in their analytics tools, Google Analytics or other.

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3 Tips from Mike Holmes to Avoid Crumbling Analytics Foundations

Mike HolmesAfter admittedly watching far too many episodes of HGTV’s Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection, and Holmes Makes It Right, we can’t help but notice the parallels between home building and digital analytics projects. And the direction that Mike Holmes provides about preventing your roof from caving in is just as relevant for your next analytics implementation.

Homeowners reach out to Mike for help when something is wrong: a leaking roof, a freezing cold bedroom, an uneven floor, and more often than not, a prior contractor or inspector who hasn’t done their job. Upon a more thorough audit, Mike usually uncovers deeper issues lurking behind the walls: inadequate insulation, dangerous electrical wiring, cut joists, unsupported floors, or a crumbling foundation.

Similarly, analytics consultants are frequently called in to help when a website “owner” has noticed something wrong in their analytics: missing events, internal referrals, duplicate pages, or perhaps an inability to analyze key outcomes and segments. Sometimes these issues are the result of a DIY-project gone wrong or a “contractor” who failed to finish the job.  Similar to Mike, all too often when we do a complete audit, we uncover larger issues: leaking private information, hard coded tag manager pixels, broken sessions, or improper tagging of pages and campaigns.

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How-To Guide: Tracking On-site Promotions with GTM

Attracting the right visitors to your website and encouraging them to accomplish a desired outcome can often feel like laying out a trail of breadcrumbs for them to follow.

In-Store PromotionsThe trail may start from a post on Facebook, a Google search ad, or an email newsletter, from which the person arrives to your website. You may then lay out some hero images, featured posts, or sidebar links to lead them deeper into your site. And finally, you may encourage the visitor to submit a form, download a brochure, or make a purchase.

When it comes to analyzing this customer journey and optimizing your marketing activities,
you’ll want to ensure that you can track every step; every breadcrumb in the trail. In fact you’ll want to track every trail, as there are likely many paths each visitor could follow to the same destination.

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