How-To Guide: Tracking On-site Promotions with GTM

Attracting the right visitors to your website and encouraging them to accomplish a desired outcome can often feel like laying out a trail of breadcrumbs for them to follow.

In-Store PromotionsThe trail may start from a post on Facebook, a Google search ad, or an email newsletter, from which the person arrives to your website. You may then lay out some hero images, featured posts, or sidebar links to lead them deeper into your site. And finally, you may encourage the visitor to submit a form, download a brochure, or make a purchase.

When it comes to analyzing this customer journey and optimizing your marketing activities,
you’ll want to ensure that you can track every step; every breadcrumb in the trail. In fact you’ll want to track every trail, as there are likely many paths each visitor could follow to the same destination.

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Is Your Website Leaking Customers’ Personal Information?

Personally-Identifiable Information (PII) is information that can be used to identify you as an individual. This includes your name, email address, mailing address, username, phone number, or some combination of these. In other words, if it allows someone else to find out exactly who you are, then it’s PII.

If you have a website, you are likely collecting and storing PII data from your visitors—email addresses to signup for a newsletter, usernames to login, or billing information to make a purchase. In return for doing business with you, your customers are trusting you to safeguard their data.

Despite all your efforts to ensure the security of this sensitive information, are you sure you’re not leaking it into cyberspace? And what if the leaked information is being captured by Google Analytics?

If you use Google Analytics, you should be aware that sending PII, or any other private information like credit card info or passwords, to GA is against the Terms of Service you agreed to abide by just by using Google Analytics. How do you know it isn’t happening right now? What can you do to ensure it doesn’t happen?

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Visualizing the NHL Regular Season with Tableau

With the 2015-16 NHL regular season now complete and the Stanley Cup Playoffs set to begin, I took the opportunity to update my “barcode” visualization from a couple months ago.

The interactive Tableau dashboard below displays the final division standings as you would usually see them presented—Games Played, Wins, Losses, OverTime Losses, Points—but with an added visualization of the win/loss record of each team:


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Google Analytics 360 Suite Q&A

Google Analytics 360 Suite ProductsGoogle launched Analytics 360 Suite (official website) on March 15, 2016.

Because this new 6-part product Suite is a mix of existing products and new yet-to-be launched products, there have been lots of questions (lots indeed!)

Since we are a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Reseller, we have had quite a few trainings & briefings recently from Google.

In this post, we’ve answered some of the most common Analytics 360 Suite questions that we’ve been asked:

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Hoppy Easter: Rethinking Bounce Rate

Bunny Bounce RateHappy Easter! Or, should we say Hoppy Easter! With the chocolate-filled, bunny-hopping occasion just around the corner, we thought it would be a perfect time to talk about a digital analytics fundamental related to hopping: bounce rate.

By definition, bounce rate is quite simple – it is the percentage of single-page sessions. More specifically, it is the percentage of visits in which someone lands on your site and leaves without any further interactions on the page. Succinctly put, Avinash Kaushik refers to the customer experience of a bounce as I came, I puked, I left.

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