Cart Remarketing Failure Example

Here’s a real life example of what not to do with cart abandonment remarketing.

If a product is out of stock, do not send a “come on back” remarketing email.

Looking for a 3V lithium battery this morning, in the short time span from when I added the item to cart to when I started checkout, the battery went out of stock.  (The price is half the price of similar products at competitors, so a stockout is not surprising)

It’s now about 3 hours later, I’ve just received this email suggesting that I “finish shopping’.

Cart Abandonment Remarketing Email

Well, that’s not possible because it’s still out of stock…

Out of Stock

…And when I clicked on “Check in-store availability”, that’s not working either…

In Store Availability Check Not Working

Learn from this sad example.  Implement an inventory check before sending out cart abandonment remarketing emails.



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