4 Pointers for a Successful 2016

We bet you’re thinking the same thing we are….

Where did 2015 go???4 Pointers for 2016

On top of wrapping up all of your 2015 digital
projects with a lovely red satin bow, you are also likely planning and organizing your 2016 digital initiatives with honourable intentions of returning in the new year well-rested and ready to do great things!

We agree—it is never too early to start planning.

And if planning is done well, it can increase your chance for a smoother road to success. By the way, success is more than just executing a plan and delivering it on time. Success includes a measurement component, that if overlooked, can have negative implications.

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How-To Guide: Tracking Form Submissions with Google Tag Manager

Track Form SubmissionsForm submissions are one of the most common conversion actions on a website, whether for signing up for a newsletter, registering for an event, or submitting a contact request. These conversions are also often the key goal of email, social media, or other digital marketing campaigns.

Tracking form submissions is an important part of any digital measurement strategy, but as a result of the variety of available tools, plugins, and scripts for implementing forms on a website, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for tracking form submissions.

So what’s the best approach?

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Visualizing Canadian Federal Election Results with Tableau

The promise of analytics is often that data holds the answers to many of our toughest questions, but only through applying the right tools and methods of analysis can we uncover those hidden pieces of insight. One such method of uncovering insights is data visualization—representing data in a graphic format to highlight particular patterns, trends, or relationships.

Just as approaching a problem from a different perspective can lead to observations and insights that were not apparent before, visualizing data in a different format can reveal patterns not easily noticed from a spreadsheet or text-based representation.

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Save the Creepy for Halloween

Eerie glowing jack-o’-lanterns, frightful costumes, ghoulish tricks and overflowing bags of sweet treats can make for some haunting good fun. Throw in goblins, witches and a heart-stopping scare or two, and you may just have yourself one wickedly happy Halloween!

In the spooky spirit of Halloween, here are our top spine-chilling ways organizations are creeping out and terrifying their website visitors and customers:

  • Designing a frightful website with:
    • Slow page load times (the agony!)
    • BOO! Lurking frightful pop-ups
    • and…poor navigation (the horror!)
  • Create a vague (grey and foggy) privacy policy that communicates you will pretty much track whatever you like and will do whatever you want with the data collected until you see fit to do otherwise (like Window’s 10)
  • Haunt & stalk your customer online with uncapped creepily personalized remarketing ads
  • Leak customer’s PII and do nothing about it

Have a Safe & Creepy Happy Halloween!

Why a Marketer Took a GTM Course

I hear about Google Tag Manager all of the time, so to say I was intrigued to learn more is an understatement. While there are many myths and misconceptions of Google Tag Manager floating around, I was most interested in exploring the tool for three reasons:GTM Course

  1. Is it really easy to use? (I am not a developer)
  2. How can it improve my analytics tracking?
  3. How can a marketer (like myself) benefit from GTM without the need of support from IT?

Last week I had the opportunity to take the the two-day ClickInsight Google Tag Manager course in Toronto, instructed by Marc Soares & Max Bondarenko, and I certainly got more than I bargained for.

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