Analytics holds a wealth of customer insights, awaiting your discovery. Simple to say, yet difficult to do.

We can help you overcome the challenges of learning and using analytics. 

ClickInsight Corporation is a recognized digital analytics specialist, helping marketers and entrepreneurs fully leverage digital assets such as websites and apps to innovatively grow their business.  Through our own Data Breakthrough Advantage Program™, we provide consulting to accelerate growth and results, training to build in-house web and digital analytics capability, and auditing to ensure your data is correct and your campaigns are efficient and effective.

We work with many tools that help our clients measure, test optimize and grow, such as:

  • Google Marketing Platform, including Analytics and Tag Manager.
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Tealium
  • Analytics Canvas
  • Tableau, and more!

We are a Google Marketing Platform Certified Company, with product certifications in Analytics, Tag Manager & Optimizely, as well a Tealium Certified Partner.

While the tools landscape is always changing, our core work processes are not vendor dependent.

Why work with us?   

We have helped:

  • A marketing support services company increase web-triggered phone and email leads to a level 15x higher than baseline in less than a year.
  • A retailer exceed their annual sales target by 32% after a slow Q1 start.
  • Increase search engine traffic from new prospects by up to 10X in less than one year for a variety of content, marketing and business-to-business sites.
  • Identify resource centre usage abandonment and low utilization of downloads believed to be key resources for decision makers.
  • Quantify request form abandonment and completion failures, supporting usability recommendations for simplification.
  • Re-focus a search engine marketing campaign, potentially removing 30% out-of-market clicks.

We work with digital analytics tools by Google, Adobe and many other digital analytics vendors and products. The tools landscape is always changing. Our core work processes are not vendor dependent.

The Data Breakthrough Advantage Program will help you extract insights from your website data to accelerate growth in reputation, relationships, leads or sales. Created by June Li, managing director of ClickInsight, The Data Breakthrough Advantage Program is for website content managers, corporate marketers and online business managers who are interested in measurable results, building competitive advantage, and focused on growth.

“Today’s successful organizations understand that their website can be their most powerful marketing, communication and relationship-building vehicle, but they may not know how to maximize its potential,” says June Li. “They may not be using their website traffic data to leverage the web effectively because their data is not useful. They are not getting the measurable results they seek from their web investment, and, as a result, they don’t have a lot of confidence in the future. That’s why we created The Data Breakthrough Advantage Program, to help you extract actionable insights, create breakthrough strategies and accelerate growth.

“We have evolved these processes after working closely with organizations in marketing, manufacturing, exporting, high tech, non-profit and education,” says June. “We help them turn data into useful knowledge and create a powerful actionable vision for their future. Then we look at the roadblocks standing in their way and develop strategies to overcome them.”

“If you deploy Data Breakthrough Advantage Program, your website data will no longer be just data, but a source of competitive advantage. You are mining your website traffic data to accelerate your organization’s goals. Your online efforts are delivering measurable results. You are using your time and money effectively and efficiently. Your online sales and leads begin to multiply. Your online reputation strengthens and your content is increasingly valued and used. Most importantly, your organization is growing and you have a clear vision and a strong sense of confidence in the future.”