Introduction to Web Analytics and Google Analytics

University of Toronto Faculty of Information – The iSchool Institute

Next Date: TBD
Instructor:  June Li

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Do you have lots of Web traffic reports that you find confusing and meaningless?

Do you expect more insight from your Web analytics tool suite? 

Use Web analytics to optimize your Web site’s content and effectiveness. Seek measurably higher leads, sales, brand recognition or customer satisfaction, or lower service costs.  Learn the techniques used by leading organizations to interpret Web traffic data, extract meaningful insights and drive profitable gains.  Get a hands-on overview of Google Analytics.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key technologies behind Web traffic measurement tools, using Google Analytics as a hands-on example.
  • Ask useful questions that will help diagnose problems in visitor acquisition, conversion and retention.
  • Understand what an effective Web analytics business process and organization is all about and how to move beyond simple data collection to focus on actionable results.
  • Understand the need to focus on different but relevant key performance indicators when talking to different levels of management and operating departments.
  • Convince others of the benefits of a data-influenced culture
  • Begin to understand how the advanced areas of customer satisfaction analytics, split testing and social media measurement enhance your understanding of visitors.

Key topics covered:

  • Building an analytics process and using it to optimize visitor acquisition, conversion and retention, including search engine marketing conversion and content consumption.
  • Designing reports and key performance indices (KPIs) to effectively communicate Web analytics results.
  • Best practice Web analytics business processes, including organizing, staffing and change management.
  • Web analytics terminology and technology, using Google Analytics, the most popular clickstream web analytics tool, as a basis for discussion.
  • Overview of advanced Web analytics (A/B and multivariate testing, customer satisfaction, social media measurement).

Who This Course is For:

Anyone who owns or operates a Website.  Anyone actively involved in online marketing or communications.  Anyone looking for an introductory course in Web analytics that covers the basics and provides an introduction to broader topics, such as customer satisfaction and website testing.  Anyone who is looking for a high level overview of Google Analytics and hands-on exposure to the tool.

  1. You may be seeking to improve the conversion on your Web site from mere clicks to profitable leads and sales, improved customer loyalty or reduced customer support costs.
  2. You may be a Webmaster looking for data-driven ways to cull unproductive content.
  3. You may an analyst new to Web analytics who has been given the task of helping business people analyze Web traffic data.
  4. You may be a manager, business owner, content owner, editor, writer, online marketer, user experience practitioner or search engine marketer interested in boosting your online results.

This course will also give you an overview and brief introduction to what Google Analytics can do for you, and provide you with a startup checklist.  However, if you are looking for hands-on Google Analytics analyst training, we suggest this Google Analytics course.

Comments from past participants:

June is very knowledgeable and approachable. Good examples used to support theory.”

Excellent overall! Appreciate the time taken to address individual, student-specific issues, scenarios and anecdotes. Suggestions of other resources are very helpful.”

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